Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate Field Studies (MAIFS) provides a unique and professional approach to
the survey, inventory, and identification of insects and other invertebrates.  MAIFS also has the
experience and scientific knowledge to evaluate the health of wetland and terrestrial communities
in the Mid-Atlantic States or to determine the ecological status of rare or endangered invertebrates.

MAIFS has been located in Maryland since 1990.

MAIFS is owned and operated by Richard Orr, an insect field biologist with over 35 years of
experience ranging from African Tropical Forests to North American Alpine environments.  He has
extensive training in environmental risk analysis, arthropod identification, environmental
evaluation and invasion ecology.  His expertise runs the full spectrum of natural history, but he is
best known for his survey work with macro-invertebrates. MAIFS also has extensive outreach to
other insect and environmental specialists.

Types of products MAIFS provides include:

  • Survey and inventory of wetland and terrestrial communities for single species (e.g. Endangered
        or threatened species) or one or more specific taxa (e.g. dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies,
        macro moths, tiger beetles, native bees, grasshoppers, etc.).

  • Providing environmental evaluation and consulting on sensitive habitats or restoration projects
        related to invertebrate species.  And in providing realistic management options.

  • Determining indicator species for wetland/terrestrial restoration or for monitoring the long term
        health of a specific environmentally sensitive habitat.

  • Providing photographic records for rare or selected groups of arthropods

  • Identifications of invertebrates for other ecological studies, surveys, or pest control.

  • Providing evaluation and advice on invasive and pestilent species.

  • Developing checklists, local photographic field guides or other interpretive outreach products
        for macro-invertebrates (e.g. dragonflies, butterflies, etc.).

Past clients include:

  • Federal Agencies
  • State and County Agencies
  • Environmental and Conservation organizations
  • Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Private Businesses
  • Private Homeowners

Cost:  Cost is project dependent, but rates are reasonable, competitive and negotiable.
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