Checklist of the Dragonflies, Damselflies, Butterflies
and Skippers of Assateague Island National Seashore

       This checklist covers the known dragonflies/damselflies
and Butterflies/Skippers for Assateague Island National Seashore  

The seasonal occurrence and likelihood of seeing the adults in this checklist are very general.  Some are present in
good numbers but are not likely to be encountered by a general naturalist.  Other species are very conspicuous and even
though they are few in number standout and are easily noticed.  Seasonal occurrences presented are also generalized
because presence or absence does not necessarily equate to the season that a dragonfly or butterfly will be most likely

Please report any sighting of species not listed, to park staff.

Please do NOT harm or collect any species!

(A) = Abundant and conspicuous in     
        appropriate habitat
(C) = Common in suitable habitat
(U) = Present, but could easily be missed in
        suitable habitat
(R) = Not likely to be encountered

(S) = usually noticed only in the spring or
        early summer
(F) = usually noticed only in the late summer
        or fall
If not marked, found from spring through fall.

_____Common Buckeye (A)
_____American Copper (A)
_____Orange Sulphur (C)
_____Clouded Sulphur (C)
_____Cloudless Sulphur (C)(F)
_____Cabbage White (C)
_____Eastern Tailed Blue (C)
_____Gray Hairstreak (C)
_____Common Wood Nymph (C)
_____Monarch (C)
_____Little Wood Satyr (C)
_____American Lady (C)
_____Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (U)
_____Sleepy Orange (U)(F)
_____Red-banded Hairstreak (U)
_____Holly Azure (U)(S)
_____Variegated Fritillary (U)
_____Red-spotted Purple (U)
_____Pearl Crescent (U)
_____Eastern Comma (U)
_____Question Mark (U)
_____Red Admiral (U)
_____Painted Lady (U)
_____Black Swallowtail (R)
_____Little Yellow (R)(F)
_____Summer Azure (R)
_____Viceroy (R)
_____Mourning Cloak (R)
_____Least Skipper (C)
_____Sachem (C)(F)
_____Salt Marsh Skipper (C)
_____Silver-spotted Skipper (U)
_____Juvenal's Duskywing (U)(S)
_____Fiery Skipper (U)(F)
_____Broad Winged Skipper (U)
_____Zabulon Skipper (U)
_____Common Checkered Skipper (U)(F)
_____Dun Skipper (R)
_____Tawny-edged Skipper (R)


_____ Common Green Darner (A)(S)(F)
_____ Swamp Darner (U)
_____ Shadow Darner (R)(F)
_____Seaside Dragonlet (A)
_____Needham’s Skimmer (A)
_____Four-spotted Pennant (U)
_____Common Pondhawk (C)
_____Blue Dasher (C)
_____Wandering Glider (C)
_____Spot-winged Glider (C)
_____Carolina Saddlebags (C)
_____Black Saddlebags (C)
_____White-spangled Skimmer (C)
_____Common Whitetail (C)
_____Painted Skimmer (C)
_____Twelve-spotted Skimmer (U)
_____Bar-winged Skimmer (U)
_____Great Blue Skimmer (U)
_____Blue-faced Meadowhawk (R)(F)
_____Autumn Meadowhawk (R)(F)
_____Eastern Amber Wing (R)


_____Southern Spreadwing (U)
_____Slender Spreadwing (U)
_____Familiar Bluet (A)
_____Citrine Forktail (A)
_____Rambur’s Forktail (A)
_____Fragile Forktail (U)
_____Orange Bluet (U)
_____Slender Bluet (R)

Checklist developed and maintained by
Richard Orr     Last revision February, 2008