Regularly Occurring Bee Species Found
  in the Washington D.C. Region

                                 Compiled by Sam Droege  
                                                                    (301) 497-5840
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The 84 species listed in the table below are the most commonly detected species in the Washington D.C. Region.  The urban
column indicates the common inhabitants of human lawns and gardens.  Note that any dwelling adjacent to a natural area
may readily pick-up any the other species of the list.  The abundant column indicates species that have a high probability of
being detected in any open habitat.  The non-native column indicates those species originally from Europe or Asia.

The genus
Andrena has not been summarized here as we are still compiling an accurate list of species for the region.  This
genus also include many specialists who are common, but only found associated with certain blooming plants.

Name                                                                  Urban                           Abundant                               Non-Native
Agapostemon sericeus                                

Agapostemon texanus                                       ◊                

Agapostemon virescens                                    ◊                

Anthidium manicatum                                        ◊                                                                                        ∕

Anthidium oblongatum                                      ◊                                                                                         ∕

Anthophora plumipes                                         ◊                                                                                         ∕

Apis mellifera                                                       ◊                                      X                                                 ∕

Augochlora pura                                                  ◊                                      X        

Augochlorella aurata                                          ◊                                      X        

Augochloropsis  metallica                                

Bombus  bimaculatus                                        ◊                

Bombus  citrinus                                                  ◊                

Bombus  fervidus                        

Bombus  griseocollis                                          ◊                                      X        

Bombus  impatiens                                            ◊                                       X        

Bombus  pensylvanicus                        

Bombus  perplexus                        

Calliopsis andreniformis                                    ◊                                      X        

Ceratina calcarata                                               ◊                                      X        

Ceratina dupla                                                     ◊                

Ceratina strenua                                                  ◊                                      X        

Coelioxys sayi                                                      ◊                

Colletes inaequalis                        

Eucera hamata                        

Halictus confusus                                                ◊                                      X        

Halictus ligatus                                                    ◊                                      X        

Halictus rubicundus                        

Hoplitis pilosifrons                        

Hoplitis producta                        

Hoplitis spoliata                        

Hylaeus affinis                                                     ◊                

Hylaeus mesillae                                                ◊                

Hylaeus modestus                                              ◊                

Hylaeus punctatus                                              ◊                                                                                         ∕

Lasioglossum admirandum                             ◊                                       X        

Lasioglossum bruneri                                        ◊                                      X        

Lasioglossum coeruleum                        

Lasioglossum coreopsis                        

Lasioglossum coriaceum                        

Lasioglossum cressonii                                                                             X        

Lasioglossum fuscipenne                        

Lasioglossum illinoense                                                                            X        

Lasioglossum imitatum                                     ◊                                       X        

Lasioglossum macoupinense                        

Lasioglossum nelumbonis                        

Lasioglossum oblongum                                                                           X        

Lasioglossum pectorale                        

Lasioglossum pilosum                                       ◊                                      X        

Lasioglossum platyparium                                ◊                

Lasioglossum quebecense                        

Lasioglossum rohweri                                        ◊                                      X        

Lasioglossum tegulare                                       ◊                                      X        

Lasioglossum versatum                                

Lasioglossum zephyrum                        

Megachile brevis                        

Megachile campanulae                        

Megachile exilis                        

Megachile mendica                                            ◊                                       X        

Megachile rotundata                                           ◊                                                                                         ∕

Melissodes bimaculata                                      ◊                

Melissodes communis                        

Melissodes desponsa                        

Melissodes illata                        

Melitoma taurea                                                   ◊                

Nomada species not N. maculata ◊                

Nomada cressonii                        

Nomada denticulata                        

Nomada imbricata                        

Nomada luteoloides                        

Nomada maculata                        

Nomada parva                        

Nomada pygmaea                        

Osmia atriventris                        

Osmia bucephala                        

Osmia collinsiae                        

Osmia conjuncta                        

Osmia cornifrons                                                 ◊                                                                                         ∕

Osmia georgica                        

Osmia lignaria                                                      ◊                

Osmia pumila                                                       ◊                

Osmia taurus                                                        ◊                                                                                         ∕

Peponapis pruinosa                                            ◊                

Ptilothrix bombiformis                                        ◊                

Xylocopa virginica                                               ◊                                      X